Thursday, June 12, 2014

the short story of the last Herrick secret

The Spooky Forest
I chose this title because the title can catch people’s eye the name sounds a bit spooky you should choose who’s going to read this book. They will know what's going on in this book. Why did Isaiah want to go to town?

Firstly, the book is about a spooky forest . I Am reading the last Herrick secret the people are  Bec's, Isaiah ,Thomas ,Papa, Mama, Oscar, and Mark.   The idea behind this title is that the forest that they live in is spooky.  I thought that when Bec’s nearly stepped in the trap it was frightening and spooky.  

Secondly, they moved to the shack and stayed there for a long time.  I added pictures of the tree house and the gravestones as these were parts of the book that I felt were important.  The gravestones were showing the people that died in the story.

I called it the spooky forest because the book was scary in parts and I wanted the title to show that.  I put the title in the top left corner because it goes with the darkness at the top of the page.  It is bold so it catches the reader’s eye.  I used colour to make it different from the rest of the cover.
Isaiah moved to the city to look at citylife to see how it feels to live somewhere else. The reason Isaiah wanted to move to the town because he wanted to see what it feels like in the town and bec’s wanted he to come back with her city/town.

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