Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This chief is Tamatea- Pokai-Whenua.  He was one of the first chiefs to arrive in New Zealand in my waka.

Tamatea travelled alone from the mythical land of Hawaiki.   He was a descendant,which means he was from the family line, of Maui.  He is said to be the father of Kahunugunu who was a famous Maori chief known for leading his people with great strength.  He organised the planning of the villages and their food and water.

Tamatea arrived in New Zealand alone and left his canoe in Gisborne.  He travelled overland to Ahuriri which is Napier and then further south to the Ruahines.  This is where he left his son to settle and form the Ngati Kahungunu tribe.

Tamamtea had two wives.  One of those wives is the mother of the great Kahnngunu.  He is known as a famous land traveller in Maori tradition.


  1. Thats outstanding speech I like how you put some other words and how you explorer died

  2. wow I think you were him good job Hamish I liked how talked just like him keep it up

  3. Awesome job Hamish researching about Tamatea-Pokai-whenua. I learnt something new that he was a famous traveller in Maori tradition.