Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to make my mum angry


 My mother is Ali she work’s at wattes factory she makes soup and dessert toppings. She has 4 kids this is all of there name is Steve, Phoenix, Steffeny, and me Hamish
. who make’s my mum angry the most ??      
how to make my mum angry you will have to tap her on the shoulder and shout in her face  HI mum to make her angry and run away from her. And at the dinner table I will talk and eat with my mouth open and that will make her mad.

if your bored don’t say at my mum she will get a bit angry and tell you to go to your friends or go do some jobs. If you leave the door open when the fire’s going she will tell you philately but still have to shut the door.

when you don’t take your shoes off she gets really angry because you can bring the dirt inside so my mum doesn't mop the flow. When me and my sister Phoenix fight my mum gets really angry my brother Steve and I fight it get’s loud and messy.  When Phoenix says dumb things and poking me she starts to go louder. When my brother and my sister fight my mum shouts out “stop all of you”. and we quickly run to our rooms.

To annoy my mother you need to sneak up on her and go into her bag and take her chocolate bar and quickly run away and then she will find out and going looking for me. The most angry thing my mum  doesn't like is on cold night when she puts the fire on and when it goes out. She will come to a cold house and she will put the fire back on. the Question the person who makes my mum mad is me.

Monday, May 19, 2014

main character
other character
gingerbread man
3 little pigs
candy  house  
looking for treasure

Once upon a time,  far, far, so far away, there were a gingerbread man and the 3 little pigs.  The pigs were  taking a walk and they found a  gingerbread man looking for his car.  He said, “Hey, you pig !”
“Yes?” they replied.
“Can you help me find my car?’  
“Ok!”  They all  tried to look for his car.  They looked and looked but they found a candy house.  The pigs were hungry so they knocked on the door.  There was a old, old pirate.  He was living in the house.  He had rotten teeth and lots of warts on his nose. “Ahhh!!!” The 3 little pigs and gingerbread screamed!
He said,  “If you want food you have to get me some treasure!” so they looked and looked.  They got 4 shovels and they went to the beach.  They saw two giants at the beach.  “Hey, can you help us find some treasure? Hey, by the way can you tell me your names?”

“Ok, my name is Mordecai and this is Rigby. Hey, look there is a map.  Do you know how to read a map?”

“No do you?” said Mordecai.

"No I don’t.”

“ Ok, that's no help! Lets carry on.  Then they ran and ran look. There is an x  means there is treasure.Under the x so they dug and dug and they found the treasure so they ran and ran back to the candy house knock knock!! “hey hey, yes, I got your treasure the pirate came out here is your treasure you can have my house he.The ginger man artsed can you buy me a car he said yes ok what. Can I please have a porsc!”  


Thursday, May 08, 2014

gta v

gta v

In the weekend we played gta v.   You start off with Michael and Trevor, you do a bank heist at the start.  It is a bit hard at the start .  You break into the volt with  C4 to blow up the lock to get to the money.  Then the cops come, it isn't that hard because you have a machine gun. There's cops behind you. Trevor smashes the window and he shots the cops and they crash into the tree.

The next mission
The jewelry heist
On the heist Michael and Franklin and some people help out. Franklin went on the roof and threw the tear gas. The tear gas knocked the people out.Then Michael charged in and stole as much jewelry as he could.There was Franklin  on a motorbike waiting for Michael. The police at the front told Franklin to move the bike. The cop’s were chasing the.  They were driving in the sewer.   You change into a girl who’s driving the jewelry truck on this part you have to crash in to the cops. Then at the end the jewelry truck stops so the motorbike can go in side.      Escape!