Tuesday, July 01, 2014

cloud lesson

Do wonder how clouds are made? wall an old man ronald he is 60 years old he go’s up on his hutch everyday so he has something to do and his great great grand sun came over papa what can I do you can come up and help me make some cloud ok” we need to get a steam powered energy source. You need to think of a shape like a square the you blow in to it bam!! here it go’s look there is a square then it will float over the world then it will stay up there for 24 hours then it will go away then i will have to make some more it will go all lampy and fluffy like a pillow. Grandson do you like it when you are old like me you can come up here and make some. you can make more shapes and cars and bikes.

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  1. Wow' Hamish that was great I like how you put the fullstop at the right place