Monday, May 19, 2014

main character
other character
gingerbread man
3 little pigs
candy  house  
looking for treasure

Once upon a time,  far, far, so far away, there were a gingerbread man and the 3 little pigs.  The pigs were  taking a walk and they found a  gingerbread man looking for his car.  He said, “Hey, you pig !”
“Yes?” they replied.
“Can you help me find my car?’  
“Ok!”  They all  tried to look for his car.  They looked and looked but they found a candy house.  The pigs were hungry so they knocked on the door.  There was a old, old pirate.  He was living in the house.  He had rotten teeth and lots of warts on his nose. “Ahhh!!!” The 3 little pigs and gingerbread screamed!
He said,  “If you want food you have to get me some treasure!” so they looked and looked.  They got 4 shovels and they went to the beach.  They saw two giants at the beach.  “Hey, can you help us find some treasure? Hey, by the way can you tell me your names?”

“Ok, my name is Mordecai and this is Rigby. Hey, look there is a map.  Do you know how to read a map?”

“No do you?” said Mordecai.

"No I don’t.”

“ Ok, that's no help! Lets carry on.  Then they ran and ran look. There is an x  means there is treasure.Under the x so they dug and dug and they found the treasure so they ran and ran back to the candy house knock knock!! “hey hey, yes, I got your treasure the pirate came out here is your treasure you can have my house he.The ginger man artsed can you buy me a car he said yes ok what. Can I please have a porsc!”  

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  1. I like your storey cos you have exspland it well and you have good sentins starters