Friday, October 17, 2014

best part of me

The best part of me! You will describe the best part of you. It is your choice on the style of writing you choose. You may write a poem or a letter or a story. Here are some examples to get you thinking. When we plan our writing we need to think about: 1 Picking a part to write about 2 planning our style 3 describing the part, what it does, the effect it has on other people and why we like it. For example: In a relaxed position, the lips turn slightly down and are revlon, ruby red in colour. When they break into a smile they reveal crooked teeth and lines around the side but I don’t mind. It’s my smile and no one else has one quite like it. It arrives at many different times of the day and is quite infectious. I use it to express myself. Some people say that your eyes always reflect how you are feeling but I think your smile could mirror my feelings My eyes there are two big things on my face and it helps me see it is hazell and shins like glitter and has white on the outside and a black dot in the biddle. It sends messages to my brain so it knows what I see and without my eyes you won't be able to do things. the effects on my you can see new things you can send what's coming ahead like a ball if you had no eyes and you are playing basketball you won't know where the ball is coming from I like my eyes because they are mine and i can control them my safe and I can see new things with them I would never sale my eyes for 1000000000000 dolores.

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