Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The blood atory

The butterflies in my tummy are fluttering while I sit in the waiting room.I am in the waiting to get 11 year old injection for Hastings Intermediate. “Wait till she comes out with a big sharp needle,” I say to myself. That can't be sore if my little brother is getting two in his leg he is only 3 months old. The nurse hurries out the door into the waiting room. She calls out my name I start to sweat. I slowly walk to her check up room “Hamish please sit on the big chair” I plod over to the chair and plonk on the seat I have to take my jersey off and roll up my sleeve and get my arm ready to get stabbed. I am getting cold from sitting there too long. I wish the nurse would stop talking and come over here get it over and done with. An hour and a half later she finally came over to talk to my mum she explained what was going to happen. Then she said to me the time has come. Noooooooooo!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

best part of me

The best part of me! You will describe the best part of you. It is your choice on the style of writing you choose. You may write a poem or a letter or a story. Here are some examples to get you thinking. When we plan our writing we need to think about: 1 Picking a part to write about 2 planning our style 3 describing the part, what it does, the effect it has on other people and why we like it. For example: In a relaxed position, the lips turn slightly down and are revlon, ruby red in colour. When they break into a smile they reveal crooked teeth and lines around the side but I don’t mind. It’s my smile and no one else has one quite like it. It arrives at many different times of the day and is quite infectious. I use it to express myself. Some people say that your eyes always reflect how you are feeling but I think your smile could mirror my feelings My eyes there are two big things on my face and it helps me see it is hazell and shins like glitter and has white on the outside and a black dot in the biddle. It sends messages to my brain so it knows what I see and without my eyes you won't be able to do things. the effects on my you can see new things you can send what's coming ahead like a ball if you had no eyes and you are playing basketball you won't know where the ball is coming from I like my eyes because they are mine and i can control them my safe and I can see new things with them I would never sale my eyes for 1000000000000 dolores.

What's the big idea?

What’s the big idea? WALT summarise Text: ____long walk_______ Author: amandajackson_________ Read the text and record key words/phrases that answer these questions: Who? nanny and the grandson What? the pipes were trapped from the bridge Where? bay plenty When? when nanny was little. Why? she wanted some pipis and mussels. How? from the bridge and pollution. Summarise the text in 25 words (Include key words from the text as well as your words) mussels nanny kaore pipi shakes flax carry further built more more heavy spear kete kaitiaki guardian drop side long across low pauses heavy filled drop water Extra for Experts: Thinking critically and evaluating. Why do you think the author wrote this text? Learn, Create, Share: Create an animation or one minute movie of your 25 word summary. Get it ready to share on your blog.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Production Diary 2014

WALT: record and share our thoughts. Text type: Diary Success Criteria Self assessment Buddy Assessment Teacher Assessment Introduce yourself and your role “Dear Diary...” yes yes yes Honest thoughts and feelings at the time yes yes yes Likes and dislikes yes yes yes Expression / Personality (sounds like you) yes yes yes Date plus optional title for each entry yes yes yes Actions from practice and performance yes yes yes Great examples here: Link Beginning: Dear Diary, let me introduce myself. My name is_Hamish_ and my role in the production is... So far... dancing I don't like my place it’s a bit hard for me to dance the moves you have to go up and down. Wen,Aug 20,2014 Now we just finished our last predation pratos I am a brother and a dancer I know what they do both places FRI,AUG 22,2014 Yass Miss Hill put the lights in the hall Mr Ford tested the light there is green,blue,purple and flashing wight it is like a camera. they are high on the beam and weirs hanging down and plaged in the wall. I bought a ticket it was 6 dollars it is to pay for the lights. THU/AUG/28/2014 Last night on the 27th of AUG we had our first performance when the bell rang for den of school I and my friend Naz were waiting for the colac bay to clear out then we went home. When I got I left my cousins house I started to walk to school miss Roil picked me up from the 4 square. FRI/SEP5/2014 The production is finished the days are back to normal in the daytime we used to watch movies like the incredible moves and the lego movie,shrek 2 in the mornings we do now is writing about 500 world story we have to pick a pitcher I picked polar bears.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

cloud lesson

Do wonder how clouds are made? wall an old man ronald he is 60 years old he go’s up on his hutch everyday so he has something to do and his great great grand sun came over papa what can I do you can come up and help me make some cloud ok” we need to get a steam powered energy source. You need to think of a shape like a square the you blow in to it bam!! here it go’s look there is a square then it will float over the world then it will stay up there for 24 hours then it will go away then i will have to make some more it will go all lampy and fluffy like a pillow. Grandson do you like it when you are old like me you can come up here and make some. you can make more shapes and cars and bikes.

cloud lesson

cloud lesson by 11hamish on GoAnimate